Roxie is a vocalist/acoustic guitarist out of Milwaukee, WI. 

Frequenting a variety of intimate MKE venues, Roxie has spent 10+ years performing a mixture of unique covers that span a plethora of eras and genres, expressing her renditions through a neo-soul thump driven style she's labeled “Acoustic Funk Rock". 


Her thumping right-hand technique on guitar and rich, dynamic vocals were impressive to say the least.
— Fan Belt MKE
Roxie Beane is a staple of intimate clubs in Riverwest, where she entertains with smoldering acoustic versions of songs popularized by her idols.
— Shepherd Express
Roxie plays acoustic guitar well but her voice is what really stands out... her low, soulful voice lends a emotional, sultry tone to her set and you very well can get lost in the music.
— Local Playlist
Sounds incredible. That voice is like calamine lotion on the mosquito bites of my soul.
— Bockenplautz via YouTube
She’s a unique spirit and powerful and confident performer. Come check her out tomorrow, or look her up another day. It’s well worth your time to see her.
— Paul Jonas, Tonic Tavern